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Originally Posted by GRANITECHIEF View Post
Greetings Central Florida Chapter,

My 17 year old boy is going for his 1st atp points playing F1-F4 in January. F4 is in Palm Coast.

It would be great to find someone connected to the local tennis scene to host him during the tournament, in which initial checkin would be Jan 25th.

If anyone is, or knows anyone that my be interested. Please let me know. Thanks!
Flagler/Palm Coast is in an awkward location...just about halfway between Orlando and Jacksonville and over an hour drivetime from the center of either. For your son's convenience and to avoid a couple of hours driving each day, perhaps check with the tourney director for families right there or maybe in the Ponte Vedra area, which would be a straight shot down I-95 and less than an hour away. There is also a Futures on clay in early May that's held near Jacksonville. If he plans to play that, maybe a family there could "double down" and host him twice.
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