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Lol at abmk trying to boost his post count even further by triple posting and requoting the same things over and over again. You would think after 9000 posts you would have got the hang of understanding how to quote posts properly, but then again I do realise you are slow so perhaps you will learn in your next 9000 posts...

First of all, I am 100% right when I said Borg won only 2/4 majors because regardless of how highly the AO was regarded back then it is still a major.

And lol how you ask why I said from 2011 onwards add McEnroe to Rafa's path when I just explained why. McEnroe didn't make it to the 79 WIM final he was NOT a threat to Borg until 80 that's why we add him to the most recent 2 Wimbledon's of Rafa's path. So Rafa 4 and Borg 2-3 in WIM titles because Fed would not disappear off Earth after facing Borg in the first 3 finals.

And lol how you call the 81 WIM final an extremely close match, it was close no doubt but not extremely close. Another one of your biased opinions to try and favor your argument. What an ignorant human being you are hahaha.

Your Federer past his prime argument holds absolutely no water either, in USO 11 Fed had MP's against him and the same goes for USO10 which was only a few months before AO11. Fed didn't lose because he's past his prime he just got his arse kicked and only junk tennis gave him a lead in the second set.

Fed had a very dominant and consistent period at the end of 2011 and 2010 wasn't too bad either. His form going into the 2011 AO was very good as it was with AO12 but we all know what happened at this year's AO so I shouldn't repeat it should I?

Power hitting is also very threatening to anyone when the shots keep going in, just look at the Nadal v Rosol result. He blasted winners left right and center especially in the fifth set. Do you really think Rosol would've been able to do that with a wooden racquet?

And Borg would most definitely have to beat Fed thrice because he wouldn't be picking up any points at AO now would he? Fed would make the final of EVERY major and most likely at the very least win AO and USO. Lol I like how you think you know what you're on about but really you have nfi. lol.

With the Wimbledon paths, you look at semi opponents, yeah I agree Borg had it tougher than Rafa, but then I look at the final opponents and see that Rafa had to play FEDERER 3 years in a row. I look at Borg and while he did have some tough final opponents they were certainly no Roger Federer pal.

Keep trying though, seriously you're good for a laugh.
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