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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
because ancic was much better at 2004 and 2006 wimbledon than he was at 2003 wimbledon .........
OMG dude you are off this planet now hahahahahaha. So Ancic beats Federer in the FIRST round in 02 WIM, but has a bad 03 WIM only to bounce back and have a great 04 and 06 WIM?

Let me make something perfectly clear, Ancic's 06 WIM was NOTHING special, Novak ALMOST beat him lol and if you seriously think he would have had a chance at beating Nadal in the 06 final you are kidding yourself.

Originally Posted by abmk View Post
your point of nadal beating ancic in 2003 is like saying roddick at 2009 wimbledon would have no chance vs murray @ wimbledon because a younger murray beat him in straights in 2006 ...... oh wait
Murray's history of crumbling and not performing at his best when under pressure is well documented so it's no surprise he didn't bring his best in his first ever WIM semi final. I've already gone over this whole Ancic thing so time to stop humiliating yourself by thinking Ancic was even a snowball's chance in hell of beating Nadal in 06 WIM because I refuse to believe you're THAT stupid.

Originally Posted by abmk View Post
that was blake's 1st meeting with nadal - no prior record

that was the 3rd match b/w gonzo and nadal ... one in 2004 , one in 2006, 2004 one shouldn't be taken that seriously as rafa wasn't in top 30 back then , so only one match that can be taken seriously and that isn't much of a sample ...

rafa was actually 3-1 vs youzhny before that US Open match

so you fail majorly with this so called argument as well ......
Dude I missed a semi-colon after saying they all "had good records against Nadal; at the time Ancic's...

So I wasn't referring to their records against Nadal at the time just Ancic's. I meant their records in general against Nadal were pretty good especially early on in Rafa's career.

So yeah missed a semi-colon, big deal it's not like I'm writing a program here and not as big a screw up as triple quoting

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