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I just take nearly every ball from on top or or inside the baseline, and be aggressive.

Sadly, it's heavily reliant on maintaining practice to be successful. But it's not as reliant on being confident in my game as it used to be. If I practice as regularly as I normally look to do, then the percentages will be there to back up the confidence.

Also, I find I do best when I have the general confidence in my forehand and overall play to come to the net often and really go down the line with my shots. The times I hit a forehand from inside the court and stay back near the baseline, going crosscourt is when I can tell I'm pushing and praying for errors. Oh, and I aim to hit a lot of forehands.

I would love to change up the pace of the rallies more often, but I'm too set naturally to want to be aggressive so that I can be at net, at least when I'm confident or level-headed.
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