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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
OMG dude you are off this planet now hahahahahaha. So Ancic beats Federer in the FIRST round in 02 WIM, but has a bad 03 WIM only to bounce back and have a great 04 and 06 WIM?

Let me make something perfectly clear, Ancic's 06 WIM was NOTHING special, Novak ALMOST beat him lol and if you seriously think he would have had a chance at beating Nadal in the 06 final you are kidding yourself.
lol and robert kendrick was 2 points away from beating nadal in 06 @ wimbledon, do you remember or have you erased that from your mind ????

ancic in the QF vs fed in 2006 was playing well and federer played an excellent match to win it in straights >> you'd know if you had actually seen the match

as far as ancic in 2002/2003 concerned, he beat federer in 2002 because federer was a headcase at that time and it was a first round match ... ancic didn't go much farther, his ranking was pretty low at that time ..

he ended 2002 and 2003 ranked in the 80s and 70s respectively ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Murray's history of crumbling and not performing at his best when under pressure is well documented so it's no surprise he didn't bring his best in his first ever WIM semi final. I've already gone over this whole Ancic thing so time to stop humiliating yourself by thinking Ancic was even a snowball's chance in hell of beating Nadal in 06 WIM because I refuse to believe you're THAT stupid.
so, let's see murray's history of "crumbling & not performing his best under pressure" comes only into the picture now ????

what you described didn't happen in the 2009 SF though ... he was playing well and roddick just plain beat him ...

a classic example of what you described was in the 2011 SF ... Murray after playing a very good first set , lost it when he missed a routine FH on a BP on rafa's serve in the 2nd ...... he only recovered towards the end set 3rd set, by which time , he had nearly lost two sets ... and then just played decent tennis afterwards in the final set ...

then there was the mini-choke in the 2nd set breaker in the 2010 SF, when up a SP in the breaker and on serve, misses the first serve, puts in a weak 2nd serve and totally goes on the defensive allowing rafa to dictate and win the point ... major credit to rafa for managing to dictate the point, but murray had his chance there ...

so whom exactly did rafa face as that major a threat till the finals at wim ??????

borg faced red hot tanner, at his very best gerulatis and connors ( twice ) in the semis ...

the comparison isn't even close !!! inspite of the federer factor, rafa still is behind by some distance ... if he was beating everyone but federer in all these years ( not just 2006-08 ), you might have a point , but he lost to djoker in 2011 and rosol in 2012 ( & didn't play in 2009, where roddick and to a lesser extent hewitt would have a good shot at beating him )

anyways coming back to the original point, just because rafa beat ancic at wimbledon when they were both young, doesn't guarantee he'd win in 2006 as well .....

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Dude I missed a semi-colon after saying they all "had good records against Nadal; at the time Ancic's...

So I wasn't referring to their records against Nadal at the time just Ancic's. I meant their records in general against Nadal were pretty good especially early on in Rafa's career.

So yeah missed a semi-colon, big deal it's not like I'm writing a program here and not as big a screw up as triple quoting
no, like I proved, at the time of those meetings, they didn't have any significant edge over rafa at all ...... so you'd be saying they wouldn't have a chance against the world #2, rafa .... just like you are saying for ancic in wimbledon at 2006 .....

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