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I quoted these same words many, many posts ago so you have revealed nothing other than the fact that you comment on things you have not examined and do not understand.

See my extensive comments on this passage that I will not repeat.

Originally Posted by Oski10s View Post
I played on my high school team growing up in California in the 80s. Back then, it wasn't even a question of calling a foot fault, because it was a fault. I don't know at what juncture it has become a controversial topic? But I will quote the US High School Tennis Association rule on the subject:

"Foot Faults
A player may warn his opponent that the opponent has committed a flagrant foot fault. If the foot faulting continues, the play may attempt to locate an official. If no official is available, the player may call flagrant foot faults. Compliance with the foot fault rule is very much a function of the player's personal honor system."

Incidentally I think people that flagrantly foot fault is in fact the ones that are working on "gamesmanship," because they are (1) cheating and (2) rubbing it in your nose. So they should be called out on it. If it gives no advantage (as you've suggested previously), then just step back a couple of inches. But if you insist on cheating, that's your own personal [dis-]honor system.

It's getting tedious to continue this debate. At this point I've provided the official ITF rules (officiated), the USTA opinion (non-officated), the USHSTA rules (non-officated).
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