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Originally Posted by Overheadsmash View Post
Silver rough and blue rough are nice too, but the rough texture wears out fast.
That's funny...I found the direct opposite with the Black's profile wearing down quicker. I haven't tried Silver, but both the B7 and BR in 17. Both play well with the Black coming in softer/more springy and feeling better right from the start. I actually didn't like the BR at first as it was very boardy, but couldn't stop thinking about the spin after I cut it out. I still had a half set and just strung it up in a hybrid, but with lower tension (54lbs), and now I love it! Kind of surprised, really, given how much I didn't like it in the beginning. Really wanted the Black to work out, but like I said, the profile wore too quickly in my experience. No matter which way you go, I think the strings are great bang for the buck, though.
POG 100 with Black Zone @ 58lbs
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