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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Yeah, I'd finished my 25 year commitment to surfing by then. Lived near OceanBeachSanFrancisco and mostly surfed there, one of the big wave riders from the beginning (1966, made my first 9'7" x 19" gun). Shaped 150 boards for myself and one bud, then shaped another 250 for WiseSurfboards, the one at CabrilloSt. and GreatHighway.
Been to Oahu maybe 14 trips total, but only 6 for pure surfing. Normally only from Dec. thru April, as home is best from Nov-Jan.
Got my 50 days at Pipe, any size, and over that at Sunset. Found out I had buds living at KuilimaCondos and left my boards there, usually from 7'6" to 9'6" guns.
I was in the credits of BankWright's SurfingCalifornia, but after 15 years, got left out. I advised in over 20 spots.
Nice! That rip at OB can be pretty tough.

Surfing and tennis are my two favorite sports. Well, surfing's not really a sport but we won't get into that.
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