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Default Doubles Racquet - How are these?

Due to a recent knee surgery I've been advised that I should only play doubles tennis in the future.

Can anyone please give me your playing experiences/thoughts/opinions on any of the following racquets* as far as being well suited for doubles?

- Babolat Pure Storm Team GT
- Donnay X-Dual Silver 99
- Donnay X-P Dual Black 102
- Head YouTek IG Speed 300
- Pacific XFeel Tour
- Pacific XForce
- Pro Kennex Kinetic Ki Q5 295

I'm looking for something that offers excellent spin, a decent amount of pop (not necessarily Pure Drive power, but more than say the Dunlop AG 4D 300), above average control, reasonably good stability for its weight, is easy on the arm, and obviously something that is great for serving (good pop/heavy kicker) and fantastic at net (touch volleys as well as put away volleys).

Thanks for any and all help you can send my way.


* I think I've looked at every racquet at T-W and these are all the ones that fit my criteria and seem to have what I'm looking for: 10.9-11.3 ounces, 97-102 square inches, headlight, 16 mains, swingweight under 320, flex under 66, beam width 23mm or under
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