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Originally Posted by Devilito View Post
Petrosí career didnít need a full time rival because his era was far deeper than the current. When Andre was out of the equation you still had Courier, Becker, Lendl, Edberg, Stich, Krajicek, Rafter. All Hall of Famers. Then lower level guys like Chang, Kafelnikov, Korda, Ivanisevic that could pull out big wins no problem. This Generation you pretty much just have Fed, Nadal, Djokovic and only just recently Murray who are future Hall of Famers.

Oh yes, because Lendl is part of the Sampras "era" now is he? Hewitt, Roddick and Safin are all arguably better than everyone in your list bar Courier, Becker, and Edberg (I'm not counting Lendl, that's laughable). Edberg was definitely past his prime by the time Sampras started winning consistently, and Nadal has more slams than Courier and Becker put together. I see the other resident 90's **** has picked up where you left off.
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