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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
yeah, I suppose hewitt, roddick, safin are nothing compared to stich,krajicek, rafter, chang, ivanisevic, korda, kafelnikov etc , right ?

edberg was done by the time sampras hit his peak , he just beat sampras twice before that in slams though ... lendl was done before sampras hit his peak .......
Safin could have been but injuries and lack of focus derailed his career (Where was Safin between the USO in 2000 and AO 2005?). Edberg was #2 in the world in the early 90s.. Far from washed up at that point.

Roddick is the equivalent of Rafter.. But hes not that much above Kafelnikov, Chang, Stich etc.

Hewitt is up there but he was also finished after 2005. His peak lasted a very short time as well and he could only muster 2 slams in a transitional era for men's tennis when the field was wide open (2001-2003)

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