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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Safin could have been but injuries and lack of focus derailed his career (Where was Safin between the USO in 2000 and AO 2005?). Edberg was #2 in the world in the early 90s.. Far from washed up at that point.
so what ? sampras probably hit his peak from 93 wimbledon onwards ... edberg didn't make a single semi at a slam after that ....

safin was still making finals at the AO in 2002 , only lost in the semis @ the FO to ferrero in 2002 ( RG champion )

he won paris beating hewitt, lost in the finals of hamburg to in-form federer ....

it was only in 2003 that he was MIA ( due to injury )

he reached the finals of AO in 2004 beating agassi & roddick, losing to federer there , he was also playing well indoor season 2004 ( winning paris, madrid back to back and making semis @ TMC , losing to federer in a classic match )

where was agassi from 96-98 ? zero slam finals ! spectacular !

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