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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Tennis isn't a rich person's sport. Jimmy Connors wasn't rich, Pancho Gonzales wasn't rich. I don't think Brad Baughman is rich (at least people seem to be concerned he couldn't pay for DB's college). It is a cult sport. Everyone plays basketball, everyone plays football. All it takes to get good at tennis is a racket, a ball, and a wall (or a shopping cart in Richard Williams' case). After that, some people to hit with at the local public courts.
However, you have to be part of the cult. Almost always, it comes from the family. You need some good initial instruction - that usually means family members who are good at tennis (Connors was taught by his tennis pro mom and grandmother). You need support from the family to keep playing tennis when the other kids are out doing other things. You need someone to hit with - often parents or siblings. You also need the driving desire to be great at tennis - part of which is inculcated by your surroundings. Also, it can be diminished by peer pressure where tennis isn't considered a "cool" sport.
When you get to the highest levels of juniors, some money is needed, but it isn't at that point that people drop out.
Yes, the cult began in country clubs, and so most of the members come from wealthier backgrounds, but money isn't the big issue. It is a difficult sport to learn and success in it isn't reinforced highly in our society.
Face it, we are all just cult members.
I agree with you , one of the things we keep doing on here is thinking all the best athletes are in other sports I disagree purely from the definition of what and athlete is , i have trained around some of the most well conditioned fighters and these guys would struggle with tennis ,thier bodys are not cut out for tennis !

TCF and Ga tennis have 2 players they should be focusing on turning into athletes it is something we dont look to do in tennis ,that is why DB is stepping up and having the success he is having , when he played Coric the diffence in the match ultimatley was DB became to physical for him in the 2nd and 3 rd set .
Trust me RG 3 and Luck would suck at this sport their bodys would not allow it but as football quarterbacks they are unbeievable .
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