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Now we're getting somewhere. Nice evolution of this forum.

Along those lines, I am looking for a host for my jr. player for F1-F3 the first 3 weeks of Jan. Looks like they are all in the same general area: Plantation, Sunrise, Weston FL.

If anybody knows anybody that may be interested in hosting a 17 year old USA boy going for his first atp points, lets talk more. Thanks!
Hi Granite; Actually we are looking for the same thing for the same aged player. Mine has 2 singles, and 10 doubles points so he has a bunch of contacts already and is trying to come up with a host for the all 4 including Palm Coast.

I'd prefer not to say who it is here although I'm certain a few already know. I will monitor this board. If you can share an email address I will email you maybe we can split expenses somehow.

We aren't certain he's going for all 4, and he may find something on his own, also depends a bit on his training facility there. However, if neither can find a host maybe sharing expenses between 2 or 3 may work as well.