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Originally Posted by jjs891 View Post

Are all your pro ones specs similar? Are you just slapping on the leather grips on them and nothing else?

I have 3 pro ones and playing well with them but I had to tweak them a bit to match in wt and balance. Specs seem to vary somewhat, not horrible but I expected better. I also noticed that specs listed on the sticker aren't all that accurate
Hi jjs891,

Yeah I know, tolerances are not super great but are still within the + or - 7 grams industry standard. What isn't standard is having the cohones to measure and indicate the specs of every frame rolling off the line. Given that bold and audacious practice I expect they will tighten things up a bit in the future.

The first three I obtained from flea bay and from TT classifieds, and wasn't quite sure at the time what specs I'd like. Having figured that out, I obtained my last six as a special order directly from the VP of manufacturing at Donnay. With those last six I indicated my desired specs and acceptable tolerance range. Because I was looking for flexier than average, lighter than average, and as headlight as possible, I had to wait 3 months for the next big batch to roll off the line.

From there I have everything I need to get them to a perfect match: Balance board, scales, lead tape and patience. With past frames I've leaded up to the 345-360 sw range, to get some oomph and stability. The P1 feels awesome right out of the box at 327, with just the 10+ gram buttcap, and a dampener. I don't use leather grips anymore, I use a somewhat unique combination of comfort grips which weighs about the same.

Cloudy day here in Jackville, I might post some pics when the sun decides to visit the Chicago area, and if there is any interest.

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