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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Thanks BB, good advice. I imagine your guy can pick his hitting partners these days!
Yes he can now so that has been nice but trust me if I had it to do over I would have invested in a machine , the one regiment we stayed regular on was plyos and running stairs at 9-12 yrs old kept his feet like and has always had lungs of iron , TCF you are a freak for tennis focus and build within her and addiction for off court training , START NOW with that it will pay off !

If you do this trust me you will start seeing the vision of her on the tour cause what truly separates the best from the rest will be the insane work ethic if you want you can contact me through my YouTube page ' truly no hard feelings towards you or your family ' I mean that and will be willing to tell you what I did with my daughter and DB .

We need more Americans in the pipe and deep down inside I know your thinking that way .
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