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Originally Posted by Steve0904 View Post
I notice you forgot to mention (probably conveniently) that this match was on clay in spain. Yes Nadal was only 18, but even at that point he was much better than Roddick on clay. I also notice you've mentioned some matches where Federer beat Nadal, but see here's the problem. Nadal was tired at 07 Hamburg and 09 Madrid, the wind was a problem in IW, Nadal was a baby at Wimbledon in 06 and the scheduling was the problem at 07 Wimbledon. And mentioning the TMC is laughable. It's only an exho. It counts for nothing.
As for Sampras's biggest rival, obviously it's Agassi, but it just shows that Federer's had a tougher rival. I've noticed a lot of people like to pump up Sampras's era, but if you take a closer look it's at least no better than Federer's era. Agassi had a late surge in his career, but he was so mentally tough that his ranking dropped to the point where he was playing challengers at 26 years of age because he couldn't handle the mental blow dealt to him by Sampras at the 1995 USO.

Courier couldn't handle Sampras when he hit his prime. Won 4 slams in between 1990 and 1993 before Sampras really hit his prime, and 2 of those on clay where Sampras was well below average anyway. Didn't beat Sampras at the Aussie when Sampras was heartbroken for his coach. That was probably his best chance.

I've also seen people that like to talk about Becker and Edberg. That's fine, but I don't believe Sampras ever had to beat Edberg at any point to win any of his slams. Edberg was past his prime by the time Sampras peaked, as was Becker, although to a slightly lesser extent.

My point is that if you dominate of course it will look like you have no competition, when in fact the more likely idea is that both Sampras and Federer are really really good.
And an exhibition is apart of the ATP tour now? Talk about excuses, you're making quite a few right now. It's nice to know that you have double standards.
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