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Originally Posted by Bodycamp13 View Post
Got to hit my new frame again last night. I must say I love the OLD SCHOOL feel and heft. I hit better than I have for the past couple of years.

With my frame and string combo I can hit out with topspin or flatten it out. Backhands are the best I've ever hit.

Cyclone 16 is great in this thing! I may try a hybrid but I like this string a ton.

Now...which Volkl bag to order?
I´ve also played with the new c10´s.
Tested the frames with wilson syn. gut extreme (got the strings for free from TW). I liked the initial feel of the syn gut, but felt nice (crisp, with nice touch and control) for less than an hour, then it become too loose for my taste.
The c10´s 2012 i´ve ordered are the same as the 2008 i already own, i was lucky as i did not have any QC issue...

about the bag, i´ve ordered the super tour 12 pack : i like it a lot, great bag, high quality in a low profile cosmetics and color.

The court mega seems to be almost the same bag, but with a larger lateral compartment..
Volkl C10 Pro
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