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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
Hey Hound,

If you go to TRN today, it is in their article.

Update from USTA Board Meeting:
The only change that will be implemented for 2013
will be a reduction in the size of the July L3 Regional draws from 64 to 32 participants in each event,
which amounts to a total reduction of 2,048 spots in the 8 regionals.

Good article, a bit all over the place, but I thought this quote was great involving a hedge fund tennis dad, Geoff Grant, in California -

"Grant sees some talented players going to Europe to hone their games,
but he also sees an opportunity for a competing junior circuit to sprout up and allow juniors to bypass the USTA altogether.
One such circuit, with deep pockets, is said to be waiting in the wings."

Competition is what makes America great. Not monopolies.
You keep referencing alternative jr. tours. I'd like to see some meat to go with those bones. Got anything other than banter? Not a challenge, just a curious inquiry.
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