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Originally Posted by Praprad View Post
And also what are the differences between machines such as Gamma 602 Progression, Gamma X-6, Gamma X-2, Klippermate 280-CS, etc.
@lakers4life what condition was the machine in? Did it work well?
All the machine you stated are pretty much the same. Except the the X-6 and 602 are 6 point mounts.

I got lucky when I got my Flex 940, it was in great condition, about 50 rackets strung. It was a 2004 model. Another friend had a 2009 model but it was not as good quality as mine. Around 2005 or 2006, Eagnas moved production from Taiwan to China. The quality of the product when downhill after that. The main difference was the paint and finish. Also the base clamps on my machine were adjustable, where the later base clamps were fixed. It's hard to explain unless you have actually seen or used them.
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