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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
I use a 4 1/2 grip because I go by the old rule that says while gripping the racquet, you should be able to fit 1 finger in the remaining space between your thumb pad and finger tips. I wear a "large" size Men's glove, but I don't think I have unusually large hands. I just wonder why I seem to be in the minority of people that use anything larger than 3/8?

Is there a benefit to going down to a 3/8 when your proper gripsize shows 4 1/2? Does it allow you to hold the racquet looser? Maybe get more wrist action on serves? I just never understood why 4 1/2 is such a rarely seen gripsize when I know there are many guys with hands at least as big as mine?
I've wondered the same. I'd say my hands are average. I'm currently going off the same rule with the finger you are referring to. If anything, I've considered going larger, to help minimize racquet turn in my hand.
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