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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Good stuff seminoleG. Great idea with the soccer for her movement. soccer and basketball are excellent other sports for tennis kids.
Well I'd love to take credit but she likes it. She asked me 2 weeks ago to run track instead. Sure fitness for almost nothing. The social aspect of soccer is great and she's ok with playing individual sports. Her team is struggling and she is VERY competitive which is a very interesting dynamic that has lead her to controlling her destiny.

We just sat down with a calendar to plan 2013 and I had to restrict the # of events for tennis. She is full of energy and not sick of a tennis routine. She's been invited to train with Ferrers brother at his Academy in Az during spring break and is excited and looking forward to working on clay. Sure he sees another $$$ source but figure a tennis vacation is not a bad option. Nothing special about thus except she's enthused about it while some of her peers dred it.

Keep TENNIS FRESH, and let them be involved in the PLAN.

Pro n TCF how refreshing to not care about Regionals, Sectionals etc NOW! Still planning on ITF Aug 2015 so we still got 3 years to get her ready. From what I'm being told she WILL be ready.
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