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Sure, I will do some more measurements to see what materializes from what this brings. The funny thing, if you can call it funny, is that I played indoors when I was hitting older racquets and I was hitting a Wilson K95 16x19 27in. against a behemoth of sorts Yonex R-7. The R-7 in its current form was almost a full ounce heavier, but had an almost 10pt HL balance, compared to the Wilson's less HL, the numbers escaped me at this moment. I entered my numbers in the calculator and the swingweights had only a five point difference, very close. This whole experiment started out trying to make a Radical (of any generation) the same as a Prestige (of any generation). I was able to do so with the Youteks, non IG. Just added appropriate weight inside grip and lead tape at areas around top of frame. They hit the same using the same multi string at the same tension.
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