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Originally Posted by Will Wilson View Post
Thanks for the info, feel much better about buying a regular dropweight. I have used a crank / lockout for several years but didn't ever really test the tension difference based on the speed of turning the crank. It does seem like people really feel like a dropweight is more accurate / consistent.
It's a fair argument to say it's easier to be consistent with a dropweight where as with a crank you have to be extremely deliberate/consistent with how fast you're pulling. By in large it's the person doing the stringer rather than the machine that makes the difference. You can produce a very good string job with a Klipper. Converserly, you can really turn out a crap string job with TF-7000 ($5,900) - I've seen it first hand.

For you, I just think going from a 5003 to a basic dropweight would take some getting used to...and I can't imagine you enjoying the process. Then again, it may not phase you in the least. Good luck!
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