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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
Thanks, rten885, for your input. (Post some vids.)

Below is a recap of the wall hitting vids in this thread. (Maybe I'll start another thread on ~ 3.0 match play.)

In this vid I was sort of just banging away. Not very good form at all.

In this vid I was trying to come over the backhand. A little better form than the first vid maybe. But still not very good.

This is TT poster vil hitting against a wall. Much better form than mine.

This guy looks to me like a very accomplished player. I won't guess what level, but his strokes look very solid to me. I think he's using the wall very constructively. Good practice. As you say, rten885, proper form is the key.

Here's a (possibly controversial) question. Considering the last two vids, what kind of a match would it be between vil (the guy in the second to the last vid) and the guy in the last vid? It's pure speculation of course, but I'm just curious what some of the more knowledgeable TT posters would say.
My money would have to be on the last guy (Simon Konov). I like his control and his movement more than the second last guy who seems to be just hitting really hard onto the wall ... albeit with some fair accuracy.

That could be just because I know Simon is playing futures though and I know nothing about the other guy.
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