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Default Should Prince go back to normal grommets?

Hi there

I have been a Prince fan for many years. Currently playing with the exo tour 100's. Great rackets and nothing feels like them. Sucks for me on the serve though.

In recent years, If I am honest, Prince rackets feel trampoliney and not very precise. It feels like the port system creates a larger (yet less precise) sweetspot. With prince I generally have more spin, but less control. With wilson rackets, it seems like precision is easier. Yes, my stringpattern was tighter on the blade 98...but still...something about the traditional string holes, just seems like it has its advantages.

Should prince not bring out top end, traditional string hole rackets once again?
I still feel loyal to prince, and still like them more as a company...and I hate going back to wilson - but the specs leave me no choice. Prince has gone too radical, where I feel I need something more conservative, which wilson seems to be all about. Consistency vs. All or nothingness.
It is harder in my opinion to buy the wrong racket with wilson, as they do not seem to radically change as much over the years than prince does.

Indirectly, I think this may be the reason I am going back to wilson in a week or so.
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