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Originally Posted by mxmx View Post
Nike has no excuse...none whatsoever. By now they should have been the leaders in this area.

They can certainly use better materials with the same comfortable shoe....especially on the sole? If popular nike shoes wear out quicker, they won't care, for people will just buy more regularly.
its not a matter of better materials... the vapor 9's and the courtballistec 4.3's both use the same material for their outsoles (XDR material), but the vapor 9 just has a much thinner duo layer and the courtballistec 4.3's have much thicker outsoles with reinforcements at specific parts of the shoe. Sure, nike can try to look for even more durable material than the XDR, but they'll also have to take into account traction and flexibility. Developing a new compound for outsoles is no simple task, and the XDR already does a great job in terms of durability, flexibility, traction, and heat transfter!
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