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The Flex bar works great for me. It's meant as a preventive measure and not as a cure, so don't wait until you have severe TE before you try it and expect a miracle.

If you have severe TE, wait until you're better first before using the Flex bar. Or wait until you're somewhat better and start using the red one a little bit first, until you feel better enough to use the green one.

But once you're healed, keep using it about 3 sets of 15-20 reps a day as an exercise to maintain and condition your arm as a physical exercise while you're playing, and it will help keep you out of trouble.

If you have TE from overuse, then it will help. If you have TE from bad technique, then it wouldn't help as much. You'll need a coach for that.

My opinion on the arm band is that it's a temporary band aid solution but it's not a long term solution. It doesn't cure the pain, it only masks and deflects the pain temporarily when you put it on to allow you to play, but as soon as you take it off, the pain is still there and can get worse.

The Flex band is a long term physical conditioning solution, because it helps improve the strength of your arm so that your arm muscles instead of your tendon will do the work while playing.

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