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Originally Posted by sports4eva115 View Post
its not a matter of better materials... the vapor 9's and the courtballistec 4.3's both use the same material for their outsoles (XDR material), but the vapor 9 just has a much thinner duo layer and the courtballistec 4.3's have much thicker outsoles with reinforcements at specific parts of the shoe. Sure, nike can try to look for even more durable material than the XDR, but they'll also have to take into account traction and flexibility. Developing a new compound for outsoles is no simple task, and the XDR already does a great job in terms of durability, flexibility, traction, and heat transfter!
I only half agree.

How would you compare the CB's to the adidas B7's?

On the soles alone:
In my experience on the B6's:
- most durable shoes i've ever played with
- I'm not sure if the adidas barracade 6's team shoes use the same rubber as the top of the line B6's....but if this is the case, the team versions will be more comfortable due to a softer more flexible upper. Nike has flexible uppers...but why is their rubber so inferior to adidas? Surely the big guns should basically be equal in quality at least on the rubber?

Compared to the B7's, I think nike has better strategic placement of their rubber. The main reason I am considering them above B7 this time around. If B7 had the same protection above the toes, I would buy adidas no question. Would probably not even try on the nikes. I am forced now...

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