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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
I believe that there is osteoarthritis, posture issues and many other issues. If a long-time posture issue is aggravating your osteoarthritis, especially when running, would you and your Dr catch it?

Distinguish between two locations of knee pain. First, in the knee joint with the meniscus, etc. and, second, under the knee cap/patella - patellar-femoral joint. Where is your pain?

Patellar Chondromalacia

I believe that I have patellar-femoral pain because my rectus femorus is short/tight and it causes my patella to ride poorly in the femoral grove. Other quad muscles can cause the patella to ride poorly, even turn from the femoral grove. The pressures on the patellar-femoral cartilage are very dependent on knee angle - hurts on steps, etc. - so an activity like running might aggravate that cartilage. ?

These recent knee injury threads have discussions including the rectus femorus issue that I believe people should be aware of.

See reply #6 - How Tight is Your Rectus Femorus?
I think I may have this. The pain is like they say in the article, in the middle of my knee cap...and i can feel some rough friction when moving the knee...

Do you guys believe that medicine containing MSM works? Like arthro guard...or fish oil type lubricants in diet?
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