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Originally Posted by brownbearfalling View Post
Saying that prince should go back to traditional grommets is like saying Yonex should make round racquets.

The "ports" set them apart from every other brand. This gives the consumer options and is good for the sport of tennis. It is good that they are challenging the design of traditional tennis racquets. They are innovating with each generation of the ports. Prince is doing a lot more work to redesign there ports which you can clearly see rather than just making up fancy names and changing paint jobs like other brands are doing. Maybe someday this will pay off and they will create a design that is more preferred than the traditional style racquet. Yes it is true that traditional racquets are preferred a lot more than the port racquets but for them to revert back to "older" technology isn't the answer. Take a look at the specs: a prince rebel with tradition string holes would be identical to a Dunlop 200.

Why should they be like every other brand out there that have traditional grommets?
I agree. I do however feel that materials should maybe play a larger role?
With wilson, I don't understand why they took away what I thought was a very good technology in "karophite". Is "Blx" really better? With Prince, they used to have a built in dampener at the bottom of the head which I thought was excellent.

It is just that sometimes one cannot really reinvent the wheel. Normal string holes are almost that wheel. Sometimes it is better to improve on what is already there. I like the port and 03 technologies or the idea of it...I just don't like the execution, especially with the insert options after the 03 series. The shiny plastic parts is not better than what the 03's had...or is it?

But in the end, if Prince had a more traditional racket as an option, I may not have switched back to wilson.
ps. The rebel ports almost seem more practical/developed than the tour ports. Are they exactly the same or equally good/bad? It could be that the tour, being so different to most rackets, was just too big a change for me that it may have given me the wrong impression of very good technology. Maybe I would have experienced the trampoline effect less on the rebel than on the tour.

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