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Q: "Have you missed the bustle of tournaments, with all it entails, such as travelling, matches, press conferences, advertising commitments?ď
A: "Iíve kept my advertising commitments. What I've noticed as missing is the absence of competition, feeling the adrenaline of competition. To tell you the truth, itís now that Iím missing the tour, because itís now that Iím starting to feel better. When you feel bad, you do not consider playing.ď

Q: "You are a fixture on social networks.ď
A: "Itís a very important communication medium that allows me to keep in touch with my fans. It's the future.ď

Q: "You see yourself playing until ...?ď
A: "Until my body and my mind allow me. My goal is to arrive fit in Brazil 2016.ď

Q: "When you retire, do you imagine your life to be very different from the one of the last few months?ď
A: "I suppose so. At first I imagine I will have a bit of quiet, but I love sport in general a lot and I will continue to be involved in it one way or another. Mainly in tennis, but I donít rule out my participation in other sports.ď

Q: "Has the economic crisis reached tennis in any way? When facing a player with a low ranking, do you know whether heís doing badly?ď
A: "To be honest, the crisis has reached all sectors directly or indirectly. Anyone who says otherwise is deceiving oneself. But it has not affected the overall economic level of the tour, which continues to grow. Although, itís not the time to boast about anything. It's time to work, accept that we are going through a bad time and try keeping our attitude necessary to change the situation, starting from the people in the streets up to those who are leading us.ď

Q: "You have noticed the crisis around you?ď
A: "I'm from Mallorca, Manacor, Iím from this world. I have colleagues who are doing badly, and when you see adverse situations you cannot stay on the sidelines. You suffer with them and you help as much as you can.ď

Q:"Have you undergone anti-doping controls in these months?ď
A: "Yes. And Iím not complaining about the controls, but about the methods. It's very easy to look good and make no comments about the subject, but Iím not like that. Iím saying clearly, I want anti-doping controls, but they make us go through very unpleasant situations and I donít agree with that nor can I support it. At six-thirty this morning I had a blood and urine control. Yesterday, at six-twenty, the same. Two days in a row. This is not how it should be when youíre an athlete. Calling at your door that early, getting you scared to death thinking something terrible has happened. Also, I live with my parents.ď

Q: "Why at six in the morning and two days in a row?ď
A: "You have to give your whereabouts for 365 days a year, an hour a day, which I proposed to be at seven. I donít think all that is legal, because it goes against your privacy and security. It seems inconsistent and unnecessary. The third time they cannot find you, you get banned for a year, at least. When they come in, I offer them coffee. They are employees and I have nothing against them. I want to undergo controls. I know I'm clean, never in my life would I take anything. I understand sport as a philosophy, and would rather retire than cheat.ď

Q: "Being a sporting icon is tiring, boring, burdensome?ď
A: "It would be arrogant of me to qualify myself that way. On the contrary, what has been happening to me is very positive, I couldnít even dream about things that I was able to experience and I am grateful to life for everything that has happened to me.ď
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