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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
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I am wondering about the 30-40% loss of meniscus that you mentioned.

How functional is the knee with so much of the meniscus removed? Are you able to run?
That meniscus surgery was done in 2000. I was playing tennis 5-6 months after the operation. The Dr had me wear a knee brace for the first 2 years as a precaution because he suspected that my ACL might have been a little loose and could had been a contributing factor. The ACL was probably not lose after all as the Dr said I could stop using the brace about 1.5 years after the surgery. I wore it for another 2 years on my own decision. I have played tennis 3-5 times a week since 2000 with a some singles. In about 2004(?) I started going to the gym including leg exercises, presses, etc. The added leg strength, especially the secondary structures around the joint made my knee feel much more secure. I believe that my articular cartilage is in relatively good shape for someone my age as my X rays show good separation - the Dr was somewhat surprised at the separation on follow up visits including last year.

A friend of mine has had two meniscus injuries and operations in the last two years. On the first operation there was arthritic articular damage, confirmed during the surgery, that had exposed some bone-to-bone contact over a limited area within the joint. The Dr said that my friend will need farther treatment in a few years especially if he plays tennis. He had recently developed a second meniscus injury on his other knee. He is bow legged and the cartilage is narrowed on X rays at the inner/medial side of both knee joints. His second joint meniscus injury is near the narrowed joint separation where you might expect pinching stress from the bow legged condition. I don't know the location of the first meniscus injury. ? His second operation was just 3 weeks ago. I am repeating his story as I remember it so the accuracy of my description is a little uncertain.

You might consider and discuss with your Dr - stopping tennis for 3 months and seeing how your knees do.

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