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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Ha, thanks Protour. Believe me, I do not want her to get into tournaments yet. She turned 8 just 2 months ago. But her friends are playing in a local 'recreational tournament'. Its a little different set up, non USTA, most of the kids use these for training and hit full out. Because of our location, 'local' can draw from a pool of players from Boca through Port Saint Lucie. So depending on time of year, there can be some nice talent around.

Its actually a preferred setup in my eyes. Its structured so it adds that layer of pressure, yet the kids almost would be 'embarrassed' to cheat, dink, and push the way the center sets it up. They actually test the kid's levels ahead of time, or know them already, and group the kids off by ability. She could be playing anyone from age 8-17, if the abilities are similar. This to me is the better way to set up kid's tournaments.

They have these once per month, sometimes 15 kids show up, sometimes 50 or more.

As far as regular USTA girls 12s....I am dreading getting involved in those and hope these tournaments are enough to satisfy her for a while. I would love to get through USTAs with the minimum of involvement and get into ITFs once she can handle them.

By the way, funny you mention the high ball to the back hand. We have been working that for a long time, as it is the achilles for the smaller player. She is to the point now that she can either position herself or attack the bounce and renders that strategy worthless for the most part. We have spent entire afternoons working just on that.
ok jr. ITF, is INTERNATIONAl, there is an international little mo going on right now in your neck of the woods, where an 8 year old can compete with other 8 year old using YELLOW ball on full court. no colored balls if she wishes, the evil USTA is not involved, with international players, BUT not many showed up In my neck of the woods there are over 40 U10 girls that show up to these colored tournaments every weekend. I asked about the level of play at these international little mo tournaments and it seems that it is not that high level, compared to the top players in NE.

How is the orange bowl level this year? heard it might be weaker than last year

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