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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
^ I'm changing string beds once a week. 2 out of the 4 string jobs on the 16x18 have busted, the other 2 just lost too much tension and felt really mushy.

Maybe I should just string up some syn.gut but weary of that since Beast broke in about 4 sessions, ~5 hours.

Which is why I put my one 16x18 exoTour 100 up for sale on fleabay. I'm stickin' with the 18x20. Deader? Yes. Less Kick? Yes. But I can string it lower and use a greater variety of strings, gauges and tensions.

For someone who doesn't break strings often, it's a great stick, I think deep down, I'm just an 18x20 guy.
I took the 18x20 out for a demo a few years ago and HATED it. It only took a few minutes of hitting on the wall and a few serves to make me drive it back to the shop. The 16x18 feels like a completely different racket to me. Luckily I string my own or I'd be going broke on labor charges.
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