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Playing devil's advocate here.

When I read the book "winning ugly" by Brad Gilbert, I remember that he often discusses how you should find a weakness in an opponent and just punish that weakness. More specifically, he talks about going beyond someone's comfort level in a rally.

If your opponent is a monster between 2 and 5 shots, but becomes more uncomfortable and prone to errors at the 6 to 10 shot range, then your best bet is to keep the rally going for longer than 6 shots.

isn't that what a pusher basically does? A pusher sort of assumes that all of his or her opponents have trouble with really long rallies, so they keep the rally going as long as possible. And this usually wins.

Whether you're hitting moon balls, FH slices, or 65 mph TS-laden shots, you're still pushing if you're simply trying to keep the ball in play for as long as possible until your opponent makes an error, knowing that your opponent gets uncomfortable beyond a 6 shot rally.
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