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fantastic string. I switched to ALU Power Rough, and it increased my game to a level I did not think was going to happen. Balls that normally sail out within a foot, drop within the baseline. The added spin and power was something I could not get through my strokes. These strings helped, and fixed, my game.

#1 attribute - MORE BALLS GO IN. PERIOD. My opponents dont understand it, balls they are letting sail drop within a foot of the baseline, it takes people by surprise every single time.

#2 - tension certainly drops. its not THAT bad, but after just 2 best of 3-setters, there is noticable drop by a few lbs.

#3 - although many people say its stiff, I dont find a stiffness issue, in fact, the ballpocketing feel of this string and its snapback almost negate it. I have had multiple injuires in the upper body, past and ongoing, and dont find this string as problematic. (55lbs strung) Also, I use a Yonex vibrasorb, the best out there. basically no stringbed vibration, i was using the Wilson W, and thought that in fact these strings were as bad or stiff as people had said, but in reality, my arm was being ruined by terrible impact-shock vibration dampening.

hope that helps somewhat
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