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You keep referencing alternative jr. tours. I'd like to see some meat to go with those bones. Got anything other than banter? Not a challenge, just a curious inquiry.

The USTA is setting up their new tournament system that was devised by USTA PD coaches about what is good for their few players,
and doesn't take into consideration the other kids that want to play college tennis.
In addition, the USTA is trying to rewrite the tennis landscape where tennis is played in your state only, and you never travel. Period.
( Great if you are in Florida or California or Texas or NY, but dooms everyone else.)
They are trying to appeal to a much larger base, and take away the future kids who play basketball, baseball, etc ( the real athletes).

There is a small group of deep pocket tennis folks who don't want to see this USTA future vision.
And if the cuts are implemented, they will start an alternate junior tennis association.

It has been told to me by 3 separate people, but I don't have any link to refer you to,
except for TRN's news article about changes in Junior Comp that came out a day ago.

Sorry, this is how I get a lot of my information. Word of mouth.
So far, it's all been accurate.

And for the juniors who are reading this and are caught in this tightened web where they can't get into nationals,
I will suggest again High school tennis as a real alternate.
Be your best and get to state, and then call the coaches to come watch you play. They will come to states.

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