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Originally Posted by seminoleG View Post
Well my 10 yo is allowed to play up in Florida, but we left the "Jr Tour."
She's been playing Travel Soccer and just returned to her academy after only playing tennis 2 days week. All I can say is THANK's USTA!

We've saved several hundred $$$$ and her movement and footwork off the charts. Match play against those that just kept chasing tournaments isn't even close.

Practice now Tournamnts later stop the madness.

She's on Babolat Comp team and was a top 5 10 for Florida when they changed rules.

I was ****ed but now couldn't be happier. While these 10s play n 12s and the 12s move to 14s it's all WATERED down anyway.

Just forget about the 10s n 12s focus on the basics get their feet moving their mind mature for REAL TENNIS
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