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Originally Posted by racertempo View Post
I swear that I am just being sarcastic.....but crack sells without endorsements too, does not mean it is good for people or the industry.

This one would have been a good poll but based on responses it looks like most people think Prince should walk away from the O-ports.

My only responses were due to the fact that different does not always equal good for the buyer.....and more does not always equal good either. Keeping O-ports/grommets because it makes them different is exactly the kind of thing that will make them bankrupt, and keep them in a struggling condition.
I don't think comparing tennis racquets to crack is a fair comparison.

My point is that they've built an audience for the ported frames, and that completely abandoning them wouldn't necessarily help them. I would also argue that continuing to only produce ported frames wouldn't necessarily help them. In my opinion, they need to offer both types of frames (at least in the near future).
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