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Originally Posted by racertempo View Post
I swear that I am just being sarcastic.....but crack sells without endorsements too, does not mean it is good for people or the industry.
I don't doubt that you're being sarcastic, but this analogy doesn't even make sense. The illegal drug industry is not driven by "big name" endorsements like the sporting goods industry is. Really, no industry is as endorsement-driven as sporting goods. Michael Jordan lifted Nike from being an afterthought in basketball to being THE basketball shoe company. Chuck Taylor basically invented the basketball shoe years earlier. Sampras with the Pro Staff, Agassi with the Radical...the list goes on.

Prince has managed to stay at or near the top in racquet sales despite the fact that there hasn't been a slam champion using a Prince tennis racquet since Ferrero and no truly dominant player (one who stayed #1 for more than a few weeks) since...well...ever? That's a testament to consumer credibility for the brand.
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