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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
^ Hardly what I would call a debate at all. What is it that you thought we were "debating"? My first query to you was an attempt to get some concrete or explicit (rather than vague) feedback on why you did not like Dunlop balls. It turned out that we agreed that Dunlop balls, in general, feel harder than other balls. This is a perfectly valid gripe or assessment. (For me, that hardness is offset by other, more positive qualities of GP balls).

My next intent was not really to say why you felt that this hardness is not to your liking. My primary intent was to explain the (scientific) reason why one ball feels harder than another -- it is not nonsense at all. However, it seems to me that you were not focusing on that explanation but, rather, on certain words that I was using, like "shock" and "bother". Those were the tangents that I saw in this discussion.
lol and yet here you are taking my words such as 'debate' so seriously as well. dude, let it go man. i dont even care. why do you care so much? go out and hit some
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