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Originally Posted by souledge View Post
A better comparison is full poly vs. gut / poly hybrid, both silicone sprayed and unsprayed.
I've tried full poly too: RPM, Black Ice, Tour Bite, Black Widow, etc.

Their spin potential might rival gut/poly but then full poly falls down in other key areas such as comfort, feel, and durability (I do have poly crosses cut through gut mains but as long as that doesn't happen the string bed remains playable longer than full poly).

I believe the extra spin from full poly comes more from its lower power and opportunity to hit harder for more spin. I've had full poly stringbeds in which the mains stop sliding back smoothly because the crosses get crumpled and dented trapping the mains. that's far less likely to happen with soft gut mains sliding over harder poly crosses.

As for spraying my strings, no.
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