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Originally Posted by RAFA2005RG View Post
Can't you read? Nadal just said "It's very easy to look good and make no comments about the subject, but Iím not like that." See, Nadal is like you, he doesn't care about looking good. He's not afraid to speak his honest opinion. You honestly hate Nadal and aren't afraid to show it. And Nadal honestly hates people banging on the door at 6.30am (when he had told them he would be available from 7am onwards each day of the year) for 2 days in a row and scaring his parents, and is not afraid to complain publicly.

And it's also very easy to open your mouth and make a fool out of yourself. Something Nadal knows a whole lot about.

Look, Nadal is an airhead so he needs to shut-up about crap like this. Everytime he opens his mouth he just spews more garbage, and we are all dumber for having heard it. Seen and not heard should be Nadal's motto. It suits him well.
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