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Originally Posted by ccmtennis View Post
Yeah I totally agree with you. I think this is a definite "game changer" for any like me who was not even a dunlop fan. Everything from a small sweet spot to the frame shape and feel was appealing even with their new line. This is a real sleeper and absolutely fantastic with some added weight in the upper hoop. Too bad it doesn't have the mass appeal of Babolats or wilson but I think this is a welcomed addition and won me over. I never thought I would even like a 18x20 pattern and I was coming from the BB london and occasionally APDGT
the London is similar to a 18x20 because the drill pattern is very tight in the center of the London.

So you like the smallish sweet spot on the F 3.0? That was something I didn't like. I felt it was too easy to miss and anything hit outside the sweetspot didn't go anywhere.
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