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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Yes, the little Mo was a mile from us and some of the kids practiced at our center. The 8s that I saw had pitty pat pancake serves. There were not many players there who looked that great. I did see one of the older boys who looked pretty good.

The little Mo is weird, good marketing and name, but not of interest to many serious players. Frankly my kid gets better hits at the local tennis center than she would have if she played in it.

The OB is getting strange. Used to be all the top 10 ITF guys would be there. This year the 3rd seed was something like 22nd ITF.
I can send you a boy to look at who is better than the one you saw who is from our area and will be moving to your area . Not sure how I can contact you though, I will be in GA and might come down to your neck of the woods.
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