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Originally Posted by RAFA2005RG View Post
Can't you read? Nadal just said "It's very easy to look good and make no comments about the subject, but I’m not like that."

See, Nadal is like you, he doesn't care about looking good. He's not afraid to speak his honest opinion. You honestly hate Nadal and aren't afraid to show it. And Nadal honestly hates people banging on the door at 6.30am (when he had told them he would be available from 7am onwards each day of the year) for 2 days in a row and scaring his parents, and is not afraid to complain publicly.

WOW, that is a nice car. What kind of car is that ? and where does he go in that car ? and Can't Rafa buy his uncle something better than that Dinky motorbike ? Rafa is greedy, isn't he ?
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