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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
The funniest thing about these fasting-detox threads is that, as in the current one, there isn't a single mention of what "toxins" anyone is talking about, or how fasting would promote their elimination. Fasting tends to DECREASE g.i. tract motility, so anything there in the small or large intestine that you're concerned about would tend to stay there LONGER as a result of fasting. Fasting also means that because you're not taking in nitrogen-containing material, your renal-urinary tract will slow down and you'll eliminate LESS waste by that route. The whole thing is a bunch of snake oil hokum.
Yeah, well when the snake oil salesmen look like this they tend to attract attention:

I don't believe 'everyone' is talking about toxins or detox wrt the benefits of fasting at least not Berkhan or Pilon whose opinions I respect the most on the subject.
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