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Originally Posted by scotus View Post
If your stringing machine has a semi-decent mounting system, you can go 10 lbs lower on the poly than on gut and not see deformation. Polys are just that much stiffer.

I should add that I am talking about VS mains and poly crosses, not the other way around.
I've tried a larger difference in tension, and I just didn't like the feel. Also, in my very flexible frame, deformation did start to occur over time as the poly lost tension and the gut held strong. The head almost went completely circular, so I don't mess with that anymore on my old sticks.

I have also tried a 20-lb differential on the stiffer YTPP, and it did not deform. I think modern sticks are much more resistant to the deformation issue, but older flexy frame do not respond well to a high difference, so I just stick with a 2-3 pound difference, and 52/49 has been great to me with Pacific Tough all the way.
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