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Default Tips on the Gamma X-2 Stringer

Hello professionals,

I need some advice or tips on stringing with the Gamma X-2. I've followed every youtube out there on stringing the mains. However, when I do it, it's different. Let me explain. Below are my steps that I followed.

String pattern: 18X20
Steps for main:
1. Weave the string starting at the middle of the head. (checked)
2. Using the flying clamp, clamp the two strings. (checked)
3. Starting with the left main, weave the string to the first hole from the throat. (checked)
4. This step is where I'm a bit confused. After performing step 3, I tension it using the drop weight. However, the drop weight would not move or it's hard to drop it for tension. In order to tension the string smoothly, I would have to weave the second hole and then I can tension the string easily. I just don't understand how everyone can tension the first hole so easily and I cannot.

Hopefully, this wasn't confusing. Also, what's the advantage of having a starting clamp?
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